Why are you attending an independent medical examination?

Your medical examination is to enable a medical specialist to prepare an independent medical report, which will assist the court when it hears your claim. The report contains the examining doctor’s opinion about how your injury or condition impacts on your life. The examining doctor is independent, and answerable only to the court, and not to the party who has referred you, or who is responsible to pay the doctor’s fee.

As the examining doctor is not your treating doctor, he or she will not be able to advise you about treatment or management of your injury/condition.

What to bring

Please ensure you have Photo ID, such as your current driver’s licence or passport as we are legally required to identify you in this way as part of the assessment.

Your referrer will supply reports for the specialist to consider, but please bring with you any additional information, such as:

  • X-ray films, CT and MRI scans;
  • reports prepared by your treating doctor and other specialists
  • pathology reports
  • medical prescriptions and details of all medications you currently take
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What to expect

You will be asked for your consent to the examination, and to the use of your medical information, including any X-rays, scans or other reports that you bring with you, or that are obtained from the provider online at the appointment.

The doctor will ask you questions about your injury / condition, your medical history, the treatment you have received, your current symptoms, your personal, social and work life, and the effect of the injury or condition. The doctor will review any X-rays, scans or other medical reports you have provided.

The doctor will examine you. If at any time during the examination you feel excessive pain or discomfort, you must inform the doctor, who will immediately stop the examination. The examination is not intended to worsen your symptoms.

The interview and examination may be attended by a chaperone.

The appointment will take approximately 15-30 minutes, and you may be required to partly undress for the examination. Recording of the interview and examination is not permitted.

The doctor will then prepare an independent medical report, containing his or her opinion on particular questions relating to your injury or condition. The report will be sent to the referrer, to be provided to the court when it considers your claim.

You will not receive a copy of the report.

After your appointment, you will be asked to confirm:

  • your satisfaction with the conduct of the interview and examination;
  • that you have not suffered any further injury or worsening of your symptoms; and
  • whether there is any other relevant information that you wish to provide.
If you have any questions, or for more information about your appointment, please contact us, or ask one of our staff, or the doctor, at the time of your appointment.


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